Seventh Heaven Healing

Seventh Heaven Healing

Energy modalities such as Reiki and Ignite Your Spirit Therapy are healing energies that can assist us to bring our “life force” (qi/chi/mana) back into balance. When you are stressed, fatigued, emotional or in dis-ease, your life force becomes low and can spiral your whole body/mind system downwards. Energy healings are carried out by “laying on of hands” directing energy to balance your life force energy. This brings you back to a happier and healthier way of being by balancing your physical, mental and emotional states. You generally leave feeling relaxed or energised, usually concurrently!

Allow 60 minutes $150           90 minute $179

Seventh Heaven Healing & Massage Combination

Combine a relaxing massage with Energy Healing and you will find yourself in Seventh Heaven! Balance out your 7 chakra’s with this divine energy treatment along with a relaxing massage. Bring yourself back in to balance and and discover your own serenity.

Allow 90 minutes $189      120 minutes $249


I had the most spectacular Kahuna massage. I'd never experienced this style of massage before but I'm totally converted now. It was firm enough to feel relief but soft enough to feel relaxing. A great mood adjustment after frantic packing then stressful busy long weekend traffic, it was the best way to start a mini-break. I'd start every working week with this if I could! 5 stars and enormous gratitude.

Danielle K